Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Delaying delaying delaying

We had a lovely weekend this weekend. We went to Tifton for the Tucker family reunion. We really enjoyed the break, and spending lots of time with my grandparents and staying in a hotel. We went to the Agrirama on Saturday (see Flickr photos) which is basically an agriculture museum. It was really neat, and it's based around a working farm. There were some interesting characters working there. The reunion dinner on Saturday night was really nice, and we met a lot of people. Roxanne really hammed it up, and she was very charming. She let several people hold her and didn't fuss or anything. She pulled some hair, but oh well. It's part of her charm...?

So it somehow feels like we sort of had a mini-vacation since we stayed in a hotel. Roxanne slept in a big bed with me, and I have to admit that she woke up extra early on Saturday and I put Sesame Street on to try and get a little cat nap for myself. Justin was dead to the world. I didn't get too many extra z's, but I did discover that Roxanne really likes Elmo. I don't know many kids who don't like Elmo, but she definitely did. She just stared at him, but then went back to playing with her toys on the bed after he went off. She's getting pretty good at sitting by herself and playing with a few toys. She still whines to be picked up eventually, but I usually don't mind.

Admission: I am selling some of my extra frozen milk to a couple who are adopting a baby. I know that sounds weird, and maybe even kind of bad, but I just think it's amazing that they are so dedicated to giving their baby breast milk, and it's a nice little extra for us. It at least helps with filling the gas tank. White gold. But don't worry, I'm not depriving Roxanne. Their baby hasn't been born yet, so I'm trying to work at building up a good cache for them since they bought the first batch on Sunday. The baby is due any day now though, so we'll see. I might only have enough to provide half of the meals. I hope you aren't judging me, I just saw an opportunity to help keep a baby healthy, and make a little extra money, and it seemed perfect. They were telling me and Justin that they looked into buying milk from one of the six "milk banks" in the United States, but it is apparently very expensive. The milk goes through several tests, it's homogenized and pasteurized, too and then they ship it to you frozen. Very high tech.

Alright, I'm so sleepy I can't stand any more. We hope you are all doing well.

Oh, and I should know about my job prospects in the next few days. For one, they called my references and told me I'm in the top 3 candidates today, and for the other (less formal - contract work) we are having a call tomorrow afternoon to discuss things. So keep your fingers crossed. I'm trying to convince myself that it is very possible that neither will pan out, but I know that I will be disappointed if they don't. I hate waiting...

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