Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Waiting Games

Right now is one of those weird places for me, and consequently my family. I'm waiting to hear back from two job prospects, but still trying to prepare myself for sticking around at my job indefinitely. I'm also trying to explore options for Roxanne's daycare for once she ages out at Andrea's. I talked to one of the other baby's moms this week, and we are going to consider a nanny share. She lives in East Atlanta, and her daughter is only a couple of weeks younger than Roxanne. Her name is Grace, and she's very cute. Her and Roxanne were holding hands the other day. They both love to play in the jumparoo, too. It seems like it might be a good arrangement, but we'll have to see how much it would cost. We can't afford a large jump in price, especially if I end up taking a pay cut, which is a possibility. But we'll see. Hopefully things will start wrapping up in the next few weeks and we will all be a little more settled. Justin has been very sweet and supportive helping me explore my options, and we both want to make things more comfortable all around.

In other news, Roxanne is six months old tomorrow. Justin and I can't believe how big she's getting. She is like a little lady. Although sometimes she is more like a teenager... She has developed a slight biting habit, both when she's nursing and just in general. She tricks Justin by acting like she just wants to gently gum his finger, and then SNAP, she chomps down on him. Those little teeth are pretty serious. Everything I read says to pull Roxanne away when she bites me while nursing, and tell her "NO," in a firm voice. I have tried it, and Roxanne just smiles at me like I've just told a really funny joke. Sigh. She's made the switch to sippy cups, and she's in her third week of using them at daycare instead of her bottles. I think it's more comfortable for her to eat out of it, since she can chew as she eats. She's not really interested in food right now. We keep trying to get her to eat cereal, but she's just not into it. Tonight I tried mixing some mushed up pear with the rice cereal and breast milk, and her faces were priceless. But she still didn't eat a lot of it. Her six month check up is tomorrow, so I plan on asking the pediatrician for some tips. I finally got my paycheck from Atlanta Parent, and meager as it is, I'm going to use it to order a mini-food processor from so I can start making some other options for Roxanne. I have a kit with a DVD and cookbook, and I can't wait to start.

Roxanne is able to sit up by herself now, but she still topples over after a few minutes. She does really well in the highchair though. She loves it. She sits in it while Justin and I eat dinner, and she plays with her toys or just sits and bangs on the tray of the highchair. She throws her toys off of the tray over and over, and then looks right at Justin with her hands together under her chin, like "Daddy, could you be a dear and pick that up?" And of course he obliges. She is aging out of her bouncy seat prematurely because she sits upright in it. She does pull ups holding the toys hanging over the top. And she grunts while she does it.

I'm very rambly tonight. I think it's because I'm feeling contented. I have been watching reruns of Murder She Wrote on Netflix. I love that show. It's like reading a Nancy Drew book or something, comfortably formulaic.

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