Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I should not be doing this...

I'm totally avoiding work right now and writing a post. Oh well!

Just a quick run-down:

Roxanne has her bottom teeth now, although they are still just poking out a little bit. I wish they would come all the way through, because they seem to be making her really angry.

She's had a runny nose since the middle of last week, but I figured it was teething related, but now I've got it, too. Except I have a cough and sneezies. Justin will probably get it in a few days. Families share!

On Friday, we gave Roxanne some rice cereal. She seemed to like it, but it was hard to tell if she wanted the food or the spoon to rub on her gums. Either way, it was pretty cute. We stopped after giving her about a tablespoon because she started making these silly gagging sounds. We haven't tried again since then, but we will. It was just a very busy weekend, and I'm not quite at the top of my game with this cold. I also had mastitis last week, but it isn't too terrible anymore and I'm taking an antibiotic for it. I had to miss work on Thursday, and I thought I had the flu because I had a fever and chills and body aches. All that was mastitis. I don't know why, but that just seems crazy to me.

Roxanne also had her first encounter with a pool on Sunday. We were at my grandparents' house in Winder, and there is a pool in their subdivision. I only dipped her toes in, and she screamed like I was putting her toes into boiling water. The rest of the time she pretty much sat with my sister on the edge of the pool while I got to swim. It was really nice. I love swimming.

So maybe we'll try Ms. Roxanne on cereal tonight.

P.S. I've had several people ask me lately if we are going to call Roxanne "Roxy," and we aren't planning on it. I guess we're not really nick-name kind of people. We just call her other sorts of names, like "booty," (don't ask, I have no idea how that happened, but it fits) "monkey," "wild child," "monkey tail," "MC Pee Pants," "MC Poo Pants," and the list goes on. If she gets older and decides she wants to call herself Roxy, that's fine by us. But it somehow seems more of a teenager name. Justin likes "Rocky," but I'm not sure. It would be kind of funny for a woman named Adriane to call her daughter Rocky. For now, Roxanne seems perfect.

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