Thursday, June 12, 2008

OK seriously

That was what Roxanne wanted to say. We've been having sort of a tough week. She was out sick on Monday, so we spent the day trying to snuggle and rest, but she was really fussy. Tuesday I had to pick her up at lunchtime because Andrea called and said she was not feeling well and wouldn't eat or sleep. So we spent the afternoon together, napping and snuggling. She was much better. I did take her to the pediatrician on Monday, and she just said that Roxanne has a cold. Which is definitely a relief. She'd been running a low-grade fever all weekend. Yesterday, Andrea tells me she chatted with the other girls at school and tried as well as she could to jump up and down in her exersaucer. She LOVES the exersaucer. We have one at home, too, and every time you put her in it, she's hysterical. She just immediately tries to play with all of the toys at once and looks very busy. And she talks to it a lot.

Speaking of talking, Roxanne is getting very very verbal. She has been saying "mamamamamama amamamama" for a couple of weeks now, and it's just adorable. I know it doesn't mean anything yet, but it's cute. She also says "bababa" and just moves her mouth a lot. I got some video of her saying "mamamama" the other day, so I will post it to Flickr this weekend. I'm not sure if anyone is enjoying the video on Flickr, but I really like them. They are like little movie snapshots! I watch them while I'm at work. If you can tell from the photos, Roxanne is really into EVERYTHING. She's a very busy baby. My favorite thing is how she strains out of her bouncy seat to see if she can grab some stuff around her. That's what the photo is.

OK, I have to get ready for work. Ew.

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