Thursday, June 26, 2008

One no and One unknown

Just as an update, the contract position I was hoping for is a no for now. It's one of those things that could maybe be an option down the line, but since the person is not sure how much work she can guarantee me, she doesn't feel comfortable taking me on as an employee yet.

Still waiting on the other position. They checked my references on Tuesday afternoon, so of course I've already decided that they must have offered the job to someone else yesterday, but we'll see. Sigh.

In other news, Roxanne has started saying "dada" and it is very cute. It sounds more like "dzadza" if you can imagine that, but either way, it's very cute. She also officially likes bananas. She ate almost an eighth of a mushed up banana last night, which is a lot for her. Andrea has been trying to give her oatmeal during the day, but apparently she's not having it. And yesterday Andrea said she was "grumpy." She is teaching Roxanne to wave. It's very cute, although it's hard to tell whether or not she has any idea she's doing it when she waves.
The picture is Roxanne wearing her bonnet that Grandma got her at Agrirama. They are made by an employee.

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