Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ah-pane and nuggles

Those are Roxanne's favorite words right now. She just recently learned both of them, and they sound so cute when she says them. "Ah-pane" is her word for "airplane," which she chants any time she hears one. "Nuggles" is her word for "snuggle." The cutest part of that word is that if you ask her to snuggle, she will usually get a big grin on her face and come give you a big cuddle. What a nice age. Today she was patting the cat at Josh's house, and said "tee says mao," which is her version of "kitty says meow." She then pointed out the kitty's ears, nose, eyes, mouth, toes and shoulder. Her word for shoulder sounds NOTHING like the word shoulder, but she definitely understands what it is. She is really into pointing things out and naming them, and she especially loves body parts. She points out Elmo's toes and fingers and his mouth. Same with her babies. She has recently learned that booboos need to be kissed, although I'm not really sure how she got that. I guess from watching me and Josh interact. Today she fell down and hit her foot on a wooden train, and she came over to me (I was laying on the floor working on a puzzle) and she pushed my head down while she lifted her foot to my mouth and made a kissing sound. No confusion there...

Oh, and before I forget, her height is now 34 1/4 inches and her weight is 26.8 pounds. I was convinced she was closer to 30 pounds by now, but I think she's finally starting to slim down. She's definitely a busy bee.

Our closing is going to be pushed back. We're hoping for next Friday, but we'll see. It just took too long to get all of the paperwork we needed for the "conditions." But it's all in now. Hopefully it will be sufficient. Can you get "conditions" on "conditions?" I'm sure you can... It seems like a lot of people we've been talking to have had to delay closings. I think a lot of banks are being flooded with loan/re-financing requests. We're definitely not thrilled about it, but what can you do? We just want it to happen one way or another... But I want it to end next week. Seriously.

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