Saturday, July 25, 2009

Packing... ugh

We have to start packing this weekend. We have to be out of our apartment by the 31st, which is unfortunately on a Friday... We rented a GoMini Pod storage unit, which is expensive, but not much more than it would cost us to rent a U-Haul, rent a storage unit, and then rent another U-Haul to get our stuff into the new house. The Pod will get dropped off at our apartment on Tuesday I think, and then they will pick it back up on Thursday, bring it to their storage facility, and then when the time comes (hopefully sooner rather than later) they will bring it to the Decatur house where we will unload it. It is pretty convenient for the most part. Plus, you can rent a dolly and moving blankets with it.

We haven't gotten any news on the house, but the loan is with the DCA as of Thursday. We were originally told that they were processing the loans in 4 days, but now our broker won't tell us the processing times. He just keeps saying that his contact there is trying to get our application expedited and he doesn't have a time frame yet. Who knows. At least it's not stuck with the idiot underwriter anymore.

Roxanne and Ben and I had a really lovely day yesterday. We drove up to Roswell to meet my mom at the Cultural Arts Center and watch a Pirate Puppet Show. They LOVED it. We were both shocked to see them last for almost an hour before we snuck out. We sat in the balcony, and both babies watched raptly and pointed at the puppets and yelled and laughed at them. By the end of the show, they both could say "pirate," "boat," and my favorite, "aaaarrrrggghhh!" when you ask them what a pirate says. They definitely liked the pirates best. Afterwards, we went to Chik-fil-A. It's nice to go the suburban Chik-fil-A's because they actually have playgrounds. Of course, Roxanne acted scared most of the time we tried to play, and Ben decided after a little while that the rubber floor was not acceptable to walk on. All in all, we had a great time. I love days where I can take them out and about.

I think Roxanne might be starting to approach the age of dress-up. She LOVES to have jewelry put on her, and she has started pulling my clothes out of my drawers and sitting down and trying to put them on. She usually mananges to get one leg or one arm in them and then traipses around fancily. She also puts on Justin's giant shoes and shuffles around in them. She says "Dada shooooeeee" while she does it. It's really amazing how much she can communicate now. She just says so much. Of course, sometimes I'm the only one who can understand what she's saying, and sometimes, she just chatters on in total jibber jabber, but it sounds cute. She's just a chatty little thing.

Oh, the fall/winter consignment sale season has started! I'm so excited! I won't probably be able to get to any for a few weeks, but still, I'm pretty excited. So far, we have a few adorable hand-me-downs (thanks Kendree!)and a few things that I kept from last year that might fit her this year (?) but we're pretty much starting fresh. I love buying her clothes.


kramsell said...

Yay, she's finally ready for dress-up! I have an adorable tinkerbell costume that will fit her perfectly, and she has the perfect pixie hair:) I even have dress up shoes if you want some...

Cecilia said...

Next time you are looking for a portable storage and moving container, I recommend calling around for prices. Did you try Door to Door? They usually have great prices on their pod containers.