Monday, July 27, 2009

Going bananas

Seriously guys. I feel a little nuts lately. I'm not sleeping well, I'm not in a nice mood... Justin is similarly plagued. This situation is so annoying. Justin is off this week, but he's basically just packing for us. I mean, I helped all weekend, and I'm helping at night, but since he's home, he's doing more than me. Sorry Justin. It's just not really nice at all to be packing and not know when you will be unpacking. We still don't have a closing date. All we know is that the loan is at the DCA, hopefully with an underwriter. If no conditions are issued (please please please please no more conditions...) then we should be done with the DCA by Friday at the latest. Of course, that's assuming they stick to the processing times that they have promised, and assuming that we don't get asked for conditions. And assuming the loan will get approved... After the loan leaves the DCA, it goes back to the underwriter at the bank, who packages it up and sends it to the closing attorney. We close about 24 hours after that. Of course, our agent and broker keep saying that we will close this week, but Justin and I have learned better than to trust them. But really, wouldn't it be nice if they were right? Having a dog and a toddler make it hard to couch hop. Fortunately, I have pressed my Mom and Mike to let us stay with them, and they are nice enough to graciously invite us in. Thank goodness for the kindness of family. I keep thinking about how we are about to move out of our apartment, and wondering what I will miss about this house. It's been a nice place overall, but we're ready to be gone. Violent crime in this area seems to be getting worse and worse. And the car break-ins are also much more frequent. I get the neighborhood crime e-mails... sometimes I wish I didn't. We're hoping that the sleepy little neighborhood in Decatur where the new house is will be safer. In the past couple of months, I know of 3 different car-jackings within about a mile radius of us, where someone was held up at gunpoint while unloading their groceries around 9:00pm. In the most recent case, the man was actually shot (I think he's going to be OK) even though he complied with the bad guys. And these are only the cases people put in the e-mail list-serve. I guess I'd rather not know about the others. Justin and I feel like we are getting out of here just in time.

Before I try to get some things done (and stop procrastinating and playing on the internet) I thought I'd put down a Roxanne story. A lot of times lately, she likes to take her diaper off and run around half naked in the evenings so she can sit on her potty. She doesn't really go in the potty, but I figure it's good practice, and I should encourage her interest. Her very favorite thing is to sit on her potty and read her Prudence potty book. So tonight I was letting her do it, but she was really sleepy and grumpy, so I was asking her, "Do you want to put a diaper back on or just be nakey" and she said, clear as a bell, "NAKEY!" And went about her business playing with her Weebles. I asked her again a minute later when we were in the kitchen with Justin and she said again, "I wan-be nakey." I actually didn't know she knew that word... She has such a strong opinion on everything these days. Well, scratch that. She's always had a strong opinion. She's just better at letting it be known now.


kramsell said...

My offer still stands about Katie, just let me know if you need to drop her off this weekend, or maybe we can meet you half way?

adriane said...

Thanks Kendree! I've been dying to call you and hear about school, but I don't want to bother you girls. I know you must be so busy and wiped out this week!