Thursday, July 16, 2009

Progress at last

So, today we got these forms from the underwriter that have to be signed by our contractors for them to get paid. We think that's got to be a good sign. We're also pretty sure that it's the last step in this part of the process. Once this gets finalized, we will have to wait for the loan application to be approved by the DCA for our down payment assistance program. That is supposed to take four days. Hopefully it will be an accurate time estimate. Or maybe even an over-estimate! Wouldn't that be thrilling? We'll keep you posted.

In other news, I'm pretty sure that both Justin and myself have Fifths Disease. Josh has is it. And apparently in adults, the main symptoms are sore joints/muscles, fatigue and a rash. Kind of like mono. Justin has the first two symptoms, and as of dinner tonight, I've got a huge rash over most of my upper body. I'm pretty annoyed at the way the situation was handled. That's all I'm going to say about it. But this is icky. And apparently can last (in adults) for several weeks. Awesome. If you have seen me in the last week, beware. And accept my apologies. I didn't know that I was carrying it. Humph.

Roxanne has been enjoying being back with the boys. She clearly missed them. And in the interim period, she has learned to say "Ben" much more clearly. It's cute. She says "Hi Ben!!!!!" when he comes over in the morning, and at nap time, she says "Night night Ben!" She has gotten right back into the swing of things. She is such a busy thing these days. At the moment, her favorite things to play with are her Weebles (these are at our house, and our collection has grown to five large playsets...ah!) which she will actually play with for up to 15 minutes sometimes, her Prudence Potty book, anything Sponge Bob related, race cars (at Josh's house), blocks of all kinds, and kitties. She LOVES kitties. Any time she sees one, she freaks out and pets it, kisses it, and sings a little to it. This girl needs some kittens. Justin and I were talking about whether or not there would be any kittens around in the winter for her birthday, and if we can't find any, we will get her some for her half-birthday next June. Justin told me that he always secretly wanted to celebrate his half-birthday since his real birthday was so close to Christmas, so maybe we will start the tradition for Roxanne. I really hope that we are in the house for her second birthday and maybe have a party at home. That would be so lovely.

Signing off. I'm itchy and grumpy. I'm going to watch some dumb TV and ignore the itching. Hope you all are well!

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