Friday, July 10, 2009

More conditions... and rambling and rambling

We are still not closing yet. The underwriter came back yesterday evening with some new paperwork requests. It's not nearly as many this time, and almost all of the requests are related to our contractors (they want our contractors to provide resumes...ugh). It's frustrating because we don't understand why they couldn't have asked for this last time. Fortunately, we have everything they requested except for a resume from the roofer. He has so far ignored our e-mails and two voicemails. I don't get it. I mean, he just has to give us a brief outline of his business history, which is what Justin explained in the voicemail, but he hasn't responded. I know that there are circumstances that might make him unavailable, like being out of town, etc., but surely he would check his voicemail or e-mail at least once or twice?? Can you tell I'm frustrated? It's so annoying when these things rely on other people, since they clearly are not on the same timeline that we are. It just would be nice if he would make some kind of response. Even if it was just to say that he didn't want to do the work. Sigh. In any case, hopefully we will get it soon, and this will be the last time they ask for more stuff. It's just crazy how intense this process has been. Oh, and Justin is not feeling well now, and has a swollen throat and body aches. Poor Justin. We are probably going to stay quarantined for a few days, since if he has the flu or something, we don't want to spread it.

All is not lost. I promise I'll write something positive! From reading my blog lately, you would kind of think we were just sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves. We only do that for part of the day. :) I've been enjoying my days off, but they have gone by WAY too fast. Yesterday we went to Alpharetta to see my Mom and Leah. We had a lovely lunch at Fickle Pickle and then my Mom kept Roxanne while I went thrift store shopping. What a luxury! There were so many kids screaming and running around in the stores I went to; I was constantly reminded how nice it was to get a break. And apparently Roxanne was a perfect little angel for her Nana. I know she had a lot of fun. As soon as we got in the car to go home, she passed out and didn't even stir for the next two hours.

Today I stuck around home and continued a project of packing up her too-small baby clothes. There are so many! I bought those vacuum bags from IKEA, so I didn't feel bad about keeping them for now. We still don't know if we want another baby, so until we decide, we agreed we should keep the baby stuff. And I don't want to start actually packing yet, since I don't want to jinx us. So for now I've just been trying to organize and clean, so that if we do move soon, it might be a little easier. Plus, I need to stay busy around the house so I don't go out and spend money...

I have been looking for a GRE book though, so if anyone has a used one they are willing to part with, let me know. I found a used one from 2007, but all the answers were already marked in it (in pen...). I'm hoping to take it in October. After months and months and months of trying to come up with a good life-after-nannying plan, I finally decided I should go back to school for my true love. Literature. The GSU English Master of Arts in Literary Studies looks perfect. I e-mailed the director and he said that they have plenty of students who work part or full time outside of the University, which is perfect for me. I figure if I start the program in Fall 2010, I should be able to keep nannying until I'm done with the program, maybe 3 years later. I looked up the graduate level English courses on the GSU class schedule online, and they offer at least four classes a semester for times past 5:30. I'm also hoping that if I start graduate school, Justin will, too. He can go for free! And I know he wants to, since he's such a good student and his life's goal is to be a sage. It would be tough with both of us in school but I think we could do it if we keep reasonable expectations. In any case, I think it will be easier to plan all of this once the house business is settled. Hopefully that will be VERY soon. Especially since our landlord has been showing our apartment quite a bit lately. What an icky feeling. On two levels... One that people are tramping through our house. Two that we HAVE to be out of here by July 31. I guess if the timing doesn't work out, we can always rent a U-Haul and live in it for a few weeks. Right?

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Art said...

About the GRE book, have you tried the library?

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, both about the house and the Masters