Thursday, May 7, 2009

Here's some photos...

I don't have a lot of photos of the house, and as you can see, I put a unicorn over the house numbers, just as a safety precaution. If we buy it, I'll add more. It's a ranch, so just one story. It will be nice to not have stairs... The house is much more attractive in person. The yard has been landscaped (although it needs some refreshing) and it's gorgeous. There is a "workshop" in the backyard that takes up like half of the yard, but we would like to some day rip it out. Half of it has electricity with heat and an AC unit... But the backyard is fenced.
The other photos are some from our visit to Greenville. Downtown Greenville has a lovely big park in it. We had so much fun on our visit.

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kramsell said...

Thanks again for coming to visit us, the girls keep bringing up your visit. Chloe thinks Shrek likes Roxanne, but not you, ha,ha.