Thursday, May 14, 2009

Officially under contract... and baby's baby

Yes, we are officially under contract. I've been working to get the utilities turned on in the house so that we can have our inspection done next Thursday. The appraisal is scheduled for Friday. After those two things are done with, and have favorable outcomes, it's just a waiting game. Tentatively, we will close on July 8. Of course, they could come to the inspection and point out something horrible, so we'll see. But we hope it works out.

Roxanne has recently taken to her baby doll (used to be mine). She has been wanting to take it with her places and she loves to hold it nice and snuggled up to her. She likes to point out (and name) her facial features, like her nose, eyes, mouth and ears. She also knows hair, but I haven't started on things like "cheek" or "chin." Maybe I should... She likes to cover the baby up with a blanket and then pat it while saying "nigh-nigh." Which is her way of putting the baby to bed. Today I gave her a baby wipe and showed her how to give baby a bath, and she really loved that. She got a little carried away with it and gave Josh a little bit of a bath, too, but he didn't really mind. She just got his arms. She tried to pull his shirt up to clean his belly button and got very irritated when he got upset and ran off. This, and the fact that she tried to tickle a random lady in the store the other day, lead me to realize that her sense of "personal boundaries" is not exactly well honed yet. I never thought it would be much of an issue, since most toddlers I know are terrified of strangers, but Roxanne is not exactly that way. I mean, she's shy at first around people, but when she gets cranked up, she will run up to random people and stare at them. Don't worry, this doesn't happen often, since I don't make it a habit to allow this sort of behavior, but sometimes it's just hard to avoid. Like at the Farmer's Market, when she wiggles out of my arms and bolts into the cheese aisle. Sigh.

OK, I'm exhausted. It's been a long week. We had dinner tonight with Justin's Dad and Susan, Kaitlin and Jamie. It was lovely, and Roxanne had a great time. But I'm full of food and margarita and seriously sleepy. It's way past Roxanne's bed time, and I can hear her and Justin upstairs reading their story. Between the cinnamon ice cream she had and all of the attention from her adoring relatives, she was pretty wound up when we got home.

Happy almost weekend!


The Butlers said...

Hey there,
Heard you guys are coming down next weekend. Do you know where you are staying yet? Ya'll are welcome to stay here if you want. We have a finished basement with a bedroom, office and bathroom. Also have a pack n play and she could play with Noah. Up to you, just know you are welcome. Look forward to meeting you guys.

The Butlers said...

oh yeah forgot, congrats on the house, hope all goes well!!! It looks very nice!