Saturday, May 9, 2009

No news yet...

We've had a busy morning, since we got to the zoo before 9:00am this morning. I dragged everyone to the "Little People Live" show there. It was pretty cute, and Roxanne's first experience with giant characters wearing costumes and dancing and singing. It seemed to scare her a little, but a few times she got up and danced. Then we went to brunch to celebrate Mother's Day since tomorrow will probably be a mad house everywhere. Justin has been trying to get baby to nap for about an hour... It's not working.

We haven't gotten the official word on the house still, since we apparently missed one spot for our initials when we went through it with our agent (he missed it, too, it wasn't just us...) so the bank sent it back via e-mail on Friday. We sent it back really quickly, but we still haven't heard anything back. I'm guessing they are really busy over there with all of the foreclosures... Hopefully Monday...? The other hurdle we have to deal with is getting them to turn on the utilities for us to get the inspections performed. Ugh. On the up side, we are going to the house tomorrow morning for another visit and we will take measurements of the rooms and I'll try to remember to take more pictures. I just wish we were already under contract. This process is so annoying.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

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J said...

it was annoying enough dealing directly with an agent. i can only imagine how sucky it is in your situation. Good luck. Save your energy for the loan approval process. :-)