Monday, May 25, 2009

Holding Pattern

We had a nice long weekend in Birmingham (and the surrounding areas). We visited lots and lots of family, and it was really nice. I got to meet a lot of family for the first time, and Roxanne did, too. She was on good behavior for the most part, although she got off of her schedule and had some rough spots when she got over-tired. We stayed with Justin's Aunt Barbara and Uncle Frank, and they spoiled us. Roxanne had a lot of fun playing with them both, and trying to find their cute little kitty, Cocoa. Cocoa was smart enough to stay under the bed whenever Roxanne was on the loose. Roxanne LOVES cats. I really hope we can get her a pair of kitties at some point. She would be in heaven.

We went to Justin's (maternal) Grandmother's house on Sunday afternoon, and we had a mini family reunion. Justin's Mom and Terry came out, too, and Roxanne had so much fun with everyone. Justin's cousin Laura and her husband have a baby around Roxanne's age, and his cousin Brandon and his wife also have a baby around Roxanne's age (as well as an adorable new baby that Roxanne wouldn't stop kissing), so Roxanne was in good company running all over the place. She also got to meet her Great-Aunt Deb, and Mama Lee (Justin's grandmother) gave Roxanne a Glo-worm. It has officially joined the ranks of her favorite loveys. She even manages to hold it with her babies. So yes, it was really a nice visit.

This morning we went to visit Justin's (paternal) Grandma. We had a nice visit with her, but Roxanne had a meltdown towards the end of it. She was just so tired, after two days in a row of little to no napping... You can imagine. Before the meltdown, Roxanne enjoyed herself tearing all over the house (running in circles) and smiling and chatting. She is learning to be social, and she is really getting good at giving kisses when we leave. She gave her Grandma Lilly several kisses when we were leaving, as well as her favorite new salutation "bye bye baby!" shouted as loud as possible.

Tomorrow we have some contractors going to the house to give us estimates on repairs, so we should probably know by the end of the week if we are going to buy the house or back out. Right now, we both feel very very torn about whether or not we want to keep pushing. I mean, we want to, but we have to be careful. We really don't want to get in over our heads... It's going to be a tough few days. But of course, getting a fourteen thousand dollar grant shouldn't be too easy... Then it really would be too good to be true. We're trying to keep pushing through, keeping our chins up, and making things work. Sigh.

We hope you guys all had a wonderful three day break!

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