Sunday, September 16, 2007

A change of address is looming...

It's official. Justin and I just signed a lease. We will be moving to a two bedroom townhouse on October 1st. It's still small, but we are absolutely in love with it. It has a living room, small dining room (emphasis on small) and a little kitchen (WITH A DISHWASHER!!!) with a small small deck on the main floor. Upstairs is a large bedroom, small bathroom and very small nursery, or what will be a nursery.

We just saw the property yesterday, but the landlord (a very nice guy named Justin who lives two units over) gently suggested that we act fast if we were interested, as he had someone on the way down from Rome, GA to (most likely) sign a lease at 5:00. So we called at 4:00, after our 1:30 appointment (and after triple checking our budget) and told him we'd sign a lease if he wanted us. He said he did, and so today we did. The complex is in Lake Claire, and it's very small, with only four units total. Our unit will be on the end, so we'll have one neighbor on one side, and that's it. In the bottom of the complex, there is a basement with a washer dryer that we can all use for free. So that's a big relief, too. We're very excited, and relieved to have finally made a decision on an issue we've obviously been agonizing over for months. It helped push things along when our new upstairs neighbor came home at 4:30 am AGAIN last night and seemed to practice some 9 pins before falling asleep sometime around 5:15.

We're going to be recruiting for moving help, and maybe renting a truck for Saturday, October 6, as we plan to do the bulk of the moving that day. Any takers? :)

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Dawn said...

Congratulations! That is exciting news! I am very happy for the three of you. I think you will enjoy more space so much more with the baby coming. Pictures please??