Thursday, September 20, 2007

Improv Comedy

Justin and I went with some friends to see improv comedy at Piedmont Park. It was a free event, and lots of fun. Katie was able to come with us, too, although she was definitely on the verge of bolting for much of the time that we were there. She's deathly afraid of the dismbodied robot voice when we go through drive thrus, so this was even scarier. She made it through though, and had fun checking out all the smells on the way in and out of the park.

The comedy was very funny, and I definitely think it would be fun to go back. It might be a little tough, since it runs every Wednesday for the next three weeks, and the next two weeks might be pretty taken up with moving stuff. Justin started getting boxes from work, and we'll start packing this weekend I think. Moving always helps me get rid of things, too, since I realize that if I haven't seen it or missed it in the past year, I probably can get rid of it. Especially with clothes. Although I will admit that when moving, I usually just throw my clothes in garbage bags and sort them once I'm putting them away at the new place. Terrible, but effective.

Justin is looking into renting a small Uhaul so that we don't have to make too many trips with the big stuff. We still plan to make trips in the evenings of that first week, and then use the big truck on Saturday for one fell swoop of moving. I hope that works out. My mom has generously offered the van, but in all honesty, both would be good, too. One trip in the van and one trip in a truck and that would probably be about it. We don't have too much big furniture, and we've really culled knickknacks. Well, I have. Justin never really had any...

I'm most excited about starting on the nursery. I can't help it. I just think it will be really fun, and I've asked my mom and my sisters to help me get it ready. I'd really like to get a big soft area rug for that room. Something sort of like the rug in the picture of our crib. We'll just have to blacklist Katie from the nursery. She loves rugs because she can rub her belly on them. It's totally rude. Cute, but rude. I think once we've recouped some of our moving expenses we'll take a trip to IKEA to get a few things. Just a few though. We've both become a little bit minimalist this last year (I had a long way to go, although Justin is always clutter-free). I used to be desperate to put stuff on every available surface, and now I'm getting to be more like Justin. Hallelujah. It's a life-long battle though. :)

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