Sunday, September 9, 2007

Whirlwind Weekend

After dinner on Friday, and babysitting extravaganza for my nieces, this weekend has been fast. Fun, but fast. Justin and I spent the night and part of the day yesterday with Ella and Chloe. We had lots of fun with them, painting fingernails, drawing pictures, and I think the highlight all around was the song and dance party. Justin brought his acoustic guitar, and played some songs while the girls sang and danced along. Eventually, they both practiced strumming the guitar, too, until Chloe dropped the pick into the guitar. This provided a good stopping point, as they were starting to get just a little bit cranky about who was going to hold the guitar.

Justin watched some disappointing football (Bulldogs were not on top of their game I take it) and I watched Monsters, Inc. (or Monsters Stink as Chloe calls it) twice. Very satisfying.

Today we ate a nice brunch at La Fonda, and then got Katie her very own boutique dog collar. We stopped at Young Blood Gallery in East Atlanta, where I had seen the dog collars on clearance the last time we were there. It was only $5, and it's a beautiful baby blue with dark brown polka dots. Katie is stylish now. Her own DIY Art Collar. Justin got a really neat jacket there, too, that is crafted out of several different sweatshirts, and features two eagles with lightning in the background and camo trim. It's spectacular. That is my new favorite store, and someday I'll save up and buy one of their necklaces. They have some little silver ones that are just amazing. Anyways, we love Sundays, and know we have to enjoy them now while they are still just the two of us.

We went to Publix and saw a super cool dad with Justin's glasses and hip clothes carrying a teeny tiny newborn. I told Justin that would be him in a few months. He looked sort of scared. :) But we got in line behind him at the checkout, and the baby was screaming the whole time, and watching the dad try to load the groceries onto the checkout lane, quiet the baby, and pay was excruciating. I just wanted to grab the baby and try to quiet him myself, but only because he was so upset. His face was beet red. The dad didn't seem too flustered though. Just sort of calm and matter of fact. He must take yoga classes.

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