Thursday, September 27, 2007

Poor Hosey

The concert was very fun last night. The opening act was just one girl, and she was very mellow and had a pretty voice. Animal Collective was also good, although some songs were better than others... All in all, it was very enjoyable. Hosey was definitely moving around a lot during the louder songs, and although I've read in a million places that occasional concerts are fine when you are pregnant, I couldn't help feeling a little guilty. I just kept picturing Hosey trying to put his/her hands over his/her ears and sort of cowering. Judging by the kicking that has been going on today, no damage was done. This baby is definitely tough.

In other news, my doctor's nurse called, and told me that I have to take another antibiotic for 5 more days, since the culture they sent off showed them that the antibiotic they gave me won't totally make me better. I hate taking antibiotics, and I'm not really happy to have to take even more, but I also had noticed that I wasn't 100% over everything. Hopefully this will be it. And I'll feel better.

I have to get a flu shot this year, and so does Justin. Pregnant women rank with people over 65 and kids under 5 as "high risk," so I figured I'd try and get one early. I'm going to try to find a place that offers the special vaccines with no mercury. Good luck with that...

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