Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Moving anticipation

Justin and I are really getting excited about our move. We're also easing into our new budget. Or maybe easing is a little too gentle of a word. I guess you could say slamming into it. We are actually keeping transaction logs and receipts and making sure we are keeping an eye on everything. It's all very adult and responsible. Thank god Justin takes care of most of it...

In other news, we are still on the names crusade. Justin has been working very hard to compile lots of nice and neat ones. We are still open to suggestions, since we get great ones a lot, but think we are not going to be sharing some of our favorites anymore. It's too hard to find a name that you are both pleased with, and think it's nice, and then get negative feedback from people about it. I always thought it was silly when couples kept baby names a secret, but now I see why they do. It's disappointing, since we love to talk to people about things, but it really does get tough hearing person after person say that they don't like a name that you've spent hours cozying up to and started feeling a connection with. Justin and I are on the same page with baby names fortunately, and as long as we are in agreement, that's all I'm concerned about. I hope that is OK with everyone. I think once Hosey is born, whatever we name it will be just right. And whatever name we pick will belong to Hosey, and all other connatations people have will fade. So according to Justin's rule, if anyone asks, we're naming Hosey Petunia if she's a girl, and Mordecai if he's a boy.

In other news, I am still being surprised daily by new and interesting pregnancy side effects. I woke up with a horrible leg cramp the other night (and accidentally woke Justin up, too...oops) and it took a while to work it out. I felt silly, but I used one of my yoga positions and it helped a lot. Last night was another first, and don't be offended by my over-sharing. I'm just over-sharing because I was so amused by the whole thing. And Justin, poor Justin. I was sitting on the couch an hour or so before bed, having my nightly small bowl of Raisin Bran, and I started choking on it. Not for real choking, just the kind where something goes down the wrong tube. And then you cough and cough and your eyes water, and in my case, you pee on the couch a little. Not enough to cause a problem, but enough to make you laugh while you are trying to stop coughing, and all the while trying to swallow the mouthful of Raisin Bran that caused a problem in the first place. I'm discovering that violent coughs or sneezes are a cause for concern. Another few weeks and I may be walking around in a diaper. Isn't that lovely? I am sorry again for over-sharing, but I just thought it was so funny, and of course wanted to share it. Justin will probably kill me. But I figure if I have to deal with all these weird and sometimes icky pregnancy thing, I'm allowed to share some of them. And it could be worse... Just ask Justin.


J said...

Wear a pantyliner for Pete's sake.

I just started telling people we were keeping the name a secret too. We had made our minds up. The reason we did is that people wanted to refer to our unborn baby by her name which creeped us out.

Dawn said...

I remember those leg cramps! What a way to wake up in the middle of the night and so painful!! Make sure you get lots of potassium. It helps with muscle cramps.