Monday, September 10, 2007

Fantastic movie!

Justin and I went with some friends to see "King of Kong, Fistful of Quarters" tonight at our favorite movie theater, the Landmark Cinema in Midtown. It was a fantastic documentary about the stiff competition between two Donkey Kong World Champions. Genius. The contender had the best mullet I've ever seen (filmed last year, not in 1993 when such things were allowed).

Hosey kicked through a lot of the movie, and I'm finding it slightly uncomfortable to sit in the stiff chairs at the movie theaters. I hate to think that I'm already starting to be hindered in any way by my belly size, but I think I am. Sitting up super straight just makes the bottom of my belly very sore for some reason. I prefer to be able to recline just a tiny tiny bit. My office chair at work is perfect. Also, I like to get up and walk at least every hour, even if it's just a lap or two around the office. Movies can be tough because I never want to miss anything.

In other news, Justin and I have a new upstairs neighbor. We are quickly learning that a 12 month lease doesn't mean much around here. The girl above us moved in in January, and apparently has just left. She was very annoying at first, with a boyfriend and a puppy who (between the two of them) made noise constantly. The puppy cried all day long, and the boyfriend seemed to only come home after 3 am, but suddenly, she seemed to get rid of both of them around the same time. It's been fairly quiet since then. Just the usual pitter pat of her feet as she walked around. Justin and I joked because when you see her, she clearly weighs under 100 pounds, literally, and you can still hear her walking around. This new person seems to drop bowling balls at regular intervals, and definitely weighs more. Also, the new person seems to watch more TV than the previous tenant. We never really heard the other girl's TV, but since Friday night when we first heard the new person, it's been pretty regular.

We are fortunate that the next door neighbor is quiet. And that I have somehow developed the ability to sleep through everything, except my twice or thrice trips to the bathroom. That I blame Hosey for. Justin said it was bad last night, and the upstairs neighbor seemed to be moving furniture all night. I told him that it would catch up to this new person (we think it's a she, but we're not positive) come December or January. If he or she is still here... Ahh, apartment life...

Tomorrow night we are scheduled to go to an information session at Georgia State for their Masters Program in Public Administration. I'm still toying with the possibility of going back to school at some point, the earliest being August of next year. The MPA is one of my top choices. They offer night classes, so Justin could watch Hosey while I go, and we could keep daycare to a minimum. And we could try living off student loans for a couple of years with the knowledge that I would make more money when I got out. It's a tough decision, but we figure that going to the open house and getting free food is time well spent. Also, I think if Justin were ever able to find the time with his work schedule/papa schedule, it would be a good program for him, since it would allow him to move into some of the upper level positions within the same type of position he's in now. Staff/admin positions at GSU pay very well if you have a master's, and the MPA would be very applicable, since most of the alumni end up with government agencies, universities, or non-profits. They have a few alumni who work at the High Museum, too. Apparently they do an internship during your last semester, and that often leads to a permanent position. Anyways, it will be of interest, even if doesn't lead to anything at all.

Hosey is doing the visible kicks again. It's so weird to see your belly moving like it's got an alien in it. I'll miss it when it's gone... :)

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