Sunday, January 20, 2008

Baby Birthday

Yesterday was officially Roxanne's one-month birthday. Justin's Dad and Susan (Grandpa and Mimi) came to visit. Roxanne was very well behaved, if I do say so myself. She did make a huge mess with her poop, and had to have a wardrobe change, but I think she was just trying to impress them. She had another bath with me last night, and I think she really enjoyed it. She had these really big eyes when she first got in, sort of like she was shocked, but then she calmed down and just seemed really relaxed. She chewed one of her fingers for much of the bath.

On Friday, Roxanne and I went to Youngblood Gallery with Jacquelyn and Evie, and we had a nice little shopping trip. I didn't put Roxanne in anything, and just carried her around, and she was really pretty good the whole time. She was continually farting these ridiculously loud farts, especially when the super-hip cashier was around, and embarrassed me just a little bit. But other than that, she was fine. Only a little fussy, since she got hungry when we were about to leave. I bought her a very cute little dress, and a print for the apartment. They are closing at the end of the month, so everything was 40% off. I wish I could go back and buy more... They should be re-opening sometime soon, but they don't have a new location picked yet.

In other Roxanne news, she's been throwing up lately. She threw up on Friday night while Jesse and Jacquelyn and Evie were over for dinner, and it was very scary. However, I had been trying to give her a bottle, and she had been very fussy, and she didn't have a fever, so we assumed it was just gas. This morning she threw up again, so I called the doctor. The doctor told me that it is mostly likely just exaggerated spit-up, since it's occurring after meals and she doesn't have a fever. Also, she's not violently throwing up, more just casually throwing up. Honestly, Roxanne doesn't seem bothered by it at all. She just wants to eat again as soon as it happens.

My friend Sarah came over for a visit today, and Roxanne was pretty well-behaved. She has been so alert lately. It's very very cute.

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J said...

i would be embarrassed if YOU were the one farting.....