Friday, January 11, 2008

Justin's last day of Paternity Leave

Today has been very fun for us. We got a late start (as always) but we went to Candler Park and had a nice walk. Then we walked to Dr. Bombay's, which is a super cute coffee shop in Candler Park. We didn't stay, but I got a Peppermint Mocha (decaf) coffee, which I've been craving for a month. Delicious. And Roxanne slept through the whole thing. She seems so cozy in the sling. As you can see in the photos, she is seriously sleeping in there. I'm trying to upload to Flickr frequently. Her little face changes every day, and she's really starting to look like a little person now. She's adorable.

She still hasn't shown any signs of getting a cold, and I'm almost totally better. Justin is still feeling under the weather, and has a runny nose, but I'm hoping he'll be fine in a day or two. Hopefully we won't get sick again for a while. I still want Justin to get a flu shot though. Apparently February is going to be the peak season for the flu. And it takes two weeks for the vaccine to be effective, so you do the math. He's so stubborn though... He just keeps reminding me that he tried to get one at Georgia State, but they had the time and location misprinted, and so he missed it. But that doesn't mean he can't get one now!

On a different note, Roxanne is holding her head up pretty well these days. She has been able to hold it up for short bursts since the hospital, but she is really getting strong at it already. It's a little scary. We like to hold her on our shoulder, and it's scary because she lifts her head up (usually to eat Daddy's ear) and then flops it back down again a minute later. You have to really watch her. I put this picture up since it's the closest I've gotten to showing her holding her head up. It's hard to get pictures of those kind of moments.


nana said...

It sure seems to me from these pictures that Roxanne has decided her job when she's with mommy is to sleep, sleep, sleep and when she's with daddy her job is to be charming!

adriane said...

Yep. I am convinced that her first smile will be for daddy. She breathes faster when he is holding her, like she's excited.