Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hurray for weekends!

We've had a lovely weekend. We went to dinner on Friday night with Jacquelyn, Jesse and Evie at La Fonda. As always, the food was great. Justin and I took turns holding Roxanne, since there wasn't really room for her infant seat. It's a pretty small restaurant. She behaved very well. She still doesn't like the bottle though. I'm thinking I'm going to start pumping enough for a bottle every day, and try to have Justin give it to her in the evening. That way she will hopefully get better with it, and Justin will be able to spend more time with her. She's fussy in the evenings lately, and it makes it tough for him to spend much time with her, since she just wants to nurse. I've only got two more weeks of maternity leave, and then she'll have to take a bottle during the day.

On Saturday, our friends Megan and Zak came over for a visit, and we had a lot of fun. They brought some wonderful gifts, too, including two of the cutest baby outfits I've ever seen. They are both 6-12 months, and I can't wait for her to wear them. They are from Loehman's, and I've never been there before, but now I really want to go. I just need to figure out where it is... Roxanne was very well behaved while they were here, although she's still nursing almost every hour. She's a little snacker. The pediatrician said she would probably get more regular with her eating patterns from day care. It's tough though, since she just gets so frustrated and cries with the bottle most of the time. I just wish I could stay with her and not have to bother so much with it. I thought about buying an Adiri bottle to try, which is what the lactation consultant at the hospital recommends. They are really neat bottles, and they basically look just like boobs. They used to only sell them online, but I saw them at Babies R Us with my mom. They are really cool, but they are $12 per bottle! If I got one, and she didn't like it, it would be kind of a waste. I would also have to buy at least 4 for her day care, too. And we are pretty well set with the Playtex Drop Ins. My mom suggested trying a Nuk brand nipple with the Playtex bottle, so we might try that. Jacquelyn also suggested a brand of nipple that Evie liked.

Anyways, I'm sure the world of bottles and nipples is not that exciting to all of you. In other news, Roxanne is smiling more and more every day, and sometimes she does this really cute thing where she smiles and then it sort of turns into a coo. It sounds kind of like a giggle. It's a nice break from her usual grunts. The pictures of her are dark, but with close ups on her face, the flash washes her out completely. I understand why babies make people buy really nice cameras. The photo above is my favorite of her smiling, but of course, more are on Flickr.

We are off to enjoy the weather and take a walk. We might even venture out again. Probably just to a coffee shop or something, but we'll see.

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J said...

I know where Loehmans is located, and I have been wanting to go. Lemme know if you want to go this week.