Sunday, January 13, 2008

First Bath!

Roxanne just had her first bath. She's been needing one for a while, but I kept chickening out and just doing sponge baths. However, she just had one of those explosive poops that ended up all over the place, and really required a bath. So we cleaned her up, and then I actually just took her in the tub with me. I have been reading about it, and a lot of books say it's a nice way to have the first few baths, since it's less stressful for the baby, and it was definitely less stressful for me. I felt like she was getting enough warmth between my body heat and the water, and she didn't fuss at all. She even ate a meal in the tub. Is that over-sharing? I never know where to draw the line... Sorry.

I put some new photos on Flickr. She's been doing lots of faces lately, so I sat with her on the couch last night and did another mini-photo shoot. Some of my favorites are seen above.

We walked around VA Highland today. It was nice. Roxanne slept in the sling, as usual, but I still think she liked it. We're going to miss Justin when he goes back to work tomorrow. Just the two of us. I am going back to work on February 11, so Roxanne and I have almost a whole month together. I know it's going to fly by though. And I still have to jump through hoops at work to ensure that they are OK with me taking that extra week and a half (I was supposed to go back on January 29). Legally, I'm allowed to have 12 weeks unpaid leave, so it shouldn't be an issue. Still, they make everything a little bit more complicated than it should be. I'll have to get that extra week and a half approved by 3 different groups of people. Even some folks in California! It's definitely worth it though. This way, Roxanne will be almost 8 weeks when she starts day care. Still not perfect, but every little bit helps.

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