Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

Well, we started out 2008 quietly, but comfortably. Watching a movie and chatting. We actually don't usually do too much on New Year's, but having Roxanne this year definitely added a new level of quiet. It's definitely worth it.

Roxanne is starting to spend more time awake during the day, and her wakeful periods are starting to change a little bit. Her eyes open wider than they did before, and she can sometimes copy me and Justin when we shape our mouths into an "O" shape while she stares at us. It's so exciting! And cute, since she has these perfect little bow shaped lips that are just ridiculously tiny. She just seems to be getting more aware.

On that same line, she hasn't wanted to be in the bassinet lately. I blame myself, since she peed on the bassinet sheets a few nights ago, I had her sleep in the bed with me for a few nights before Justin got a chance to wash the sheets (he's our household hero) and now I think she doesn't want to sleep on her own. I'm still trying, but when I put her in there, she seems to wake herself up, and is kicking and fussing in no time. We'll see...

She's still eating very well, and seems to be gaining weight and getting bigger. We discovered that we have to put her in bigger socks. I've been putting her in newborn socks, but they are really just too small for her big feet. My mom gave her some 3-12 month socks, and they fit her perfectly. She's going to be a bigfoot like her dad.

She's growling at me right now. I think I better go... :)

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nana said...

Yay! New photos! I have to say in the "aren't they cute" photo, daddy and daughter look an awful lot alike! I also like her orange britches - she looks more like a 2 month old rather than a 2 week old.