Monday, December 31, 2007

A date!

Yesterday, my mom came down and watched Roxanne while Justin and I went to Target (how romantic) and then La Fonda for brunch. It was really nice, and apparently Roxanne just slept the whole time. It was strange though, since Justin and I spent a large part of brunch talking about Roxanne and hoping that she was behaving herself. We are such suckers for her already.

We did go for our walk on Saturday, and it was very nice. Roxanne slept through most of it, but got fussy at the end because she was hungry. Justin pushed the stroller for most of it because he's such a gentleman, but also because the sidewalks in Lake Claire are sort of like something you would expect in a city that has recently experienced a serious earthquake. We agreed that for our next walk, I would put Roxanne in the baby sling, which I tried on yesterday. She looks very cute and cozy in it, and it's really pretty comfortable. I look at Roxanne, and how big she is, and think about how she wasn't too much smaller when she was in my belly, and that is just crazy. The sling sort of positions her over my belly, and it's sort of like being pregnant again. In an abstract way...

We're starting to get into a pattern of watching movies at night, so Roxanne has slept through several classics, including Dr. Strangelove and Miller's Crossing. Both of which we thoroughly enjoyed. However, I should probably be going to sleep earlier to get those precious couple of hours where she sleeps until about 10:30 or 11:00 before gearing up for at least two hours of wakefulness until around 1:00am. However, I have so much fun watching the movies with Justin that I just try to stay up and then sleep late in the morning. Trying to figure out a specific pattern is impossible, so I just try to sleep whenever I can. I'm just not good at naps during the day.

Oh, and we made Roxanne an appointment with the specialists (who are apparently at Scottish Rite and not Eggleston, oops) about Roxanne's shoulder. Her appointment is January 22, since they apparently only schedule these types of appointments once a month. Her pediatrician appointment is the day before. We decided that even though she seems to be completely normal with her arm, the specialists would be the best ones to decide that. Expert opinions are always best with a baby.

Happy New Year to everyone! We hope you do something very very fun!

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