Sunday, November 25, 2007

101 Posts!

Today marks my 101st post to "Hosey Makes Three." I've been trying to figure out a way to print out the blog to keep as a sort of baby book, but the program I found doesn't work. It's supposed to let you upload your blog to it, and then transfer everything to PDF format and allow you to print it out as it appears. Again, it didn't work. It wasn't able to recognize the blog, so I'll have to look for another way.

Anyways, the four day weekend went by way too fast. I'm not looking forward to going back to work, as me and Justin have had a really nice time just hanging out together and getting stuff done. We're feeling pretty prepared, or at least as prepared as one can be for something like the arrival of a baby...

Thanksgiving was nice, and we spent it with my Grandparents, my Aunt Ellen, Uncle Patrick, and their twins, Anna and Sarah Ellen. My sister and her husband and two daughters also came. It was really nice, and although I brought a squash casserole, my grandmother had made enough food for an army, and it was all delicious. Justin especially loves the sweet potato souffle. Afterwards, we went to my sister's house for a while and just relaxed. Friday we did lots of errands, and put the car seat in! It's so weird having it in the car now, but it makes us feel better knowing it's there in case of an emergency. Friday night we went out to dinner for my dad's birthday in Virginia Highlands, and there were a million of us. It was a little overwhelming, but definitely fun. On Saturday, we had another baby shower, that my sister and her husband were nice enough to throw us. It was a small shower with our friends (boys and girls) and people were encouraged to bring diapers and wipes. We had a lot of fun, especially at the part where my sister melted six different candy bars into six diapers and we had to guess which was which. We all got perfect scores.

The other fun part was forcing people to decorate a onesie for Hosey. We had stencils, stamps, and fabric paint, and the products are hilarious. I'll post pictures at some point soon. In the meantime, Hosey has a super trendy selection of DIY artsy onesies. One, courtesy of our friend Bob, has a fist, and the letters FTP for Fight the Power. It's somehow so very appropriate.

Today, we took things easy, and went for a cozy brunch while it rained at one of our neighborhood favorites, Gato Bizco. Afterwards, we headed over to Young Blood Gallery that I seem to talk about every two days to see our friend Ariel's pottery on display. It's gorgeous! I was also tempted to buy some really neat Christmas Stockings, but then I looked at the price tags... Now I'm thinking I'll try to make some. I think felt would be pretty easy, with a nice blanket stitch. They just won't be made to hold giant lumps of coal. We went to Last Chance Thrift Store in Decatur, where I found an immaculate set of 1970's paper Christmas Decorations for under $2. They are fantastic! I can't wait to put them up in a few days. Big crepe bells and garland, and a banner that spells out "MERRY CHRISTMAS..." Perfect. Then we went to IKEA to pick up a frame for the poster we bought at the craft festival. Where else can one find a fantastic big frame for $5? It was a total madhouse though, and we were in and out. Although we made time to share a cinnamon roll... It's strange how people seem to turn into absolute savages at IKEA. They push, they steal, and they elbow. And they stare. I am getting tired of people staring at my belly. Sometimes they stare at it, and then smile at me, but sometimes they stare with this odd look of disgust on their face, as though I were walking around with a giant cyst or a goiter... Bizarre.

This evening, we packed the hospital bag partway. We'll try to finish it soon.

We hope everyone had wonderful Thanksgivings, and we are sorry we couldn't see more of you!

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