Wednesday, November 21, 2007

35 Weeks today!

I can't believe it, but I'm officially 35 weeks today. It's gone by so fast! Justin is starting to ask me if I think the baby is going to be early, and for some strange and mysterious reason, I feel like it will be closer to 37 weeks than 40 weeks, but I also think that it will probably come at 42 weeks just because I said that. My belly is definitely dropping a lot, which seems to have opened my belly up for a ridiculous appetite. I try to snack during the day on healthy stuff (I'm forcing myself to eat carrot sticks. I hate carrot sticks) but I feel like it takes a while to get full. Except for in the morning. Raisin Bran is my breakfast every day, and it seems to sit like concrete on my belly for about 3 hours.

I don't seem to be having Braxton Hicks contractions, which makes me worry that the baby really will come at 42 weeks. I have noticed quite a bit of hiccuping from Hosey, and last night I wondered if I'm confusing Braxton Hicks contractions for hiccups. It's hard to tell. Hosey is still very active, but it's mainly pushing and scooting and sticking his/her bottom against my belly really hard. That's the funniest.

I read in the baby book that 99% of babies born at this point make it fine, and very few have lasting health problems. That always makes me feel better. Speaking of which, I'm feeling really well lately. I have my days where I'm exhausted for what feels like no reason, and my feet and ankles are still really swollen (as are my hands lately) but the pain in my side is mostly gone, and I just feel like a big pregnant lady. I'm pretty moody, getting irritable easily, and hence have been sequestering myself from too much contact with family and friends, and just confining myself upstairs when I'm home with Justin and it happens. I'm pretty sure it's all normal pregnancy stuff. I realized that as of next Wednesday, I'll be 9 months pregnant. That seems so strange to me... I had a lady walk by me in Little Five Points, and she said "You're not pregnant, are you?" and then doubled over laughing. I didn't quite see the hilarity, but I chuckled with her. At the Indie Craft Experience, one vendor asked, looking pointedly at Justin, "Did he do that to you?" and just barely cracked a smile. I love strangers.

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J said...

I felt the same way about being due early. It must be a first time mom thing. There's just no way to know. At my 38 week appt. the doctor told me she was pretty sure I would be a week late and I was 3 days early. So there. But at this point, you're just ready for it to be over. All that wishful thinking can either make you feel better or make everything drag on. I started getting insanely exhausted and bipolar halfway through week 35 and it just got worse. Good luck; you're almost there.