Wednesday, November 14, 2007

34 Weeks and Hosey is locked and loaded

I just got back from my 34 week check up. Nothing too exciting, except that I remembered to ask the doctor what position Hosey is in, and she said that Hosey is head down. Sounds like Hosey's head is down, and feet are up in my rib cage, and the bottom of the baby is smushed against my belly. So the baby is facing my back. Does that make sense?

My blood pressure was good this time, although I still have no frame of reference. I think she said it was 90/100. I don't know what that means. But I remember that when I was first pregnant it was 70/100. I read that the further along you are, the higher your blood pressure gets. Maybe that's in part due to the fact that your blood volume increases close to 50% while you are pregnant. That's so gross.

Anyways, she also gave me a brochure about labor, and kept patting my back and giggling, saying, "Not too much longer now!" It scared me. I was supposed to go back in 2 weeks and then have weekly appointments from then on out, but my doctor and the other doctor I see, Dr. Kleiss, are both out of town that week. So my next appointment is 3 weeks out, the day I will 37 weeks. I think it's December 5. Anyways, I have to have the strep test done, and I guess I should bug them about testing my blood again for iron levels, as they were supposed to do it today and didn't.

The doctor also told me that she wants me to call if I have any pre-term labor signs, but as far as real labor, she doesn't want me to call until my contractions are very painful and five minutes or less apart. She wants me to labor at home as long as possible. That's fine with me. I'll probably be mean and whiny, and best to keep that to onesself and one's husband as long as possible. Lucky Justin. She did say that if my water breaks, I should call no matter what. From what I hear, it's not so easy to tell most of the time...

Anyways, I'm avoiding work. I'm just starting to get excited and my focusability around here is declining a little bit. Or a lot. Don't tell anyone. :)

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