Monday, November 12, 2007

Thank goodness for Muppet Shoes

I always hated Ugg boots. They came out, and pretty much every female in Athens seemed to have a pair within a week. Of course, it was still 70 degrees outside, and they mostly wore them with very short skirts and t-shirts. All I could think when I saw the masses of them walking around campus was that they made everyone look like their foot had been swallowed by a clunky and cruel monster.

Yesterday I bought fake ugg boots. From Target. They were very cheap, but still. I'm feeling a little guilty. However, my feet are continuing to swell and spread, and I am down to roughly two pairs of shoes that fit me, and they are both ballet slipper type shoes that don't allow for socks or cold weather. So these boots are really comfortable. And they are lined with fleece. And my feet fit in them. Please don't judge me.

I also ordered a pair of black suede moccasins from Target. They are technically slippers, but they have rubber soles like regular shoes, and I tried some on yesterday at the store. They were very comfortable, especially since they are also lined with fur, but they didn't have them in my size. Rather than troupe around to the 9 million Target stores in the Atlanta area to find my size, I just ordered them on the Target website today. I never do things like that, but I figure now's a good time to start.

Still no news from the doctor, but my side has been feeling much much better for the last couple of days. It was still bothering me on and off until today, but not all the time round the clock pain like before. Today it hasn't hurt at all (knock on wood). There's a lot of pressure in my torso, both from what feels like little feet, and just the general weight of my belly. It's a new sensation. I have to remember to ask the doctor if she can tell if the baby is head up or head down. My appointment is Wednesday, so I figure I'll stop calling about the ultrasound, and if they haven't called me by my appointment on Wednesday, I'll just harass them in person. :)

Wednesday marks both my doctor's appointment, and 34 weeks. I can't believe it. I keep thinking that I still have at least 7 weeks, and that's a long time, but really, the baby will be "full term" at around 37 weeks. So I want to try and have the car seat in and the nursery ready by 36 weeks. I know that sounds silly, since the baby won't be in the nursery for months, but still. I guess it's my nesting instinct...

We hope everyone is doing well!

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Dawn said...

Speaking of moccasins, I got Jessica a pair from Land's End that are very nice and comfortable and were around $29. They come in several colors. I will have Land's End send you a catalog.