Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chatagua Festival 2007 and other things

Well, first and foremost, I posted my first blog to the Atlanta Parent blog that they set up for me. The URL is in case you are interested. I'm trying to figure out exactly what type of tone to use, and trying to keep things personal, but interesting to strangers. It's definitely a learning experience... I also have to remember to ask them to change the spelling of the title. They put in an unecessary apostrophe, and the English major in me didn't even want to post to the blog until that was corrected, but I realized that I'm being a little silly.

We had a fun day yesterday at the Chatagua Festival in Winder. We got to see Ella and Chloe dance, spend time with my mom and Leah and even saw my grandparents for a little while. It was a nice day. My sister and I trekked to Mall of Georgia, and I almost bought Hosey some stuff at Gymboree, but talked myself out of everything. It was on clearance, but it was all bigger sizes that would fit next fall/winter. What if Hosey is extremely chubby or extremely skinny? I had visions of this cute winter coat, sized 12-18 months, fitting right at the end of February, or even worse, sometime in September! And Justin pointed out later that it will be fun to pick things out as we go. I just have this bargain shopper streak that makes me want to buy things off season and on clearance.

The pictures are from the festival, but of course, the rest are on Flickr. It occured to me the other day that a lot of you don't have Flickr accounts. This is absolutely fine, but I put the settings for photos of my nieces on private, so only people with Flickr accounts who are listed as friends or family of mine can actually view them. All of the other photos are public though. Just thought I'd mention that.

Justin and I worked in the nursery for a while today, arranging things how we think we'll keep them. It's much nicer in there with the new orientation. We also installed the new blinds on one side, which ended up being a ridiculously huge problem, as the window was a weird size, etc. Let me just tell you that there was a lot of cutting, breaking things, stripping screws, and swearing. It was definitely harder than putting the crib together... We also compiled the initial baby load of laundry with blankets and the crib mattress cover. Once that's all washed I can make the crib, which of course won't be used for months, but it will look cute!

We got the bassinet from my Mom's house last weekend, and again, thanks to her and her family for sharing! Especially Leah! We're trying to decide if we should go ahead and set it up in our bedroom, or leave it in the nursery for a while... The next few weeks will be getting busy with Thanksgiving and other family events, so we're trying to at least get a handle on what needs to be done. Is anyone ever ready for baby?

Oh, and don't worry, we are still working on the name game. We just haven't found that perfect one yet. Everything seems just a little short of perfect.

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