Sunday, November 18, 2007

The nursery is almost done...

Today, we got lots done around the apartment. Hosey's nursery is really pretty much done. We put pictures on the wall, made up the crib that will sit empty for the next few months, and put the stroller together. We will install the car seat next weekend. Justin joked that we should take the stroller out for a walk around the neighborhood today for practice, but we figured that we might look a little crazy. The bassinet is set up and ready, too, with clean sheets. Thanks again Mom and Leah! It looks very cute. I took pictures and put them on Flickr.

We also used some birthday money I had been squirreling away and bought a couple of new chairs for the living room from a vintage store in Little 5 Points. The woman who owns it is really nice, and actually has extremely fair prices. I had seen a large leather chair there yesterday and fallen in love with it, and managed to talk Justin into going back with me to get it today. It's sort of ugly, and looks a little 80's, but I think in the room, it looks fine. It's one of those chairs that you sit in, and you are sold. I call it the baseball glove chair, because that is sort of what it looks like. It's really big and comfy, and easy for me to get in and out of, even with my growing belly. We figure it will be a good chair for when Hosey comes, too. We counted, and with the two new dining room chairs that Susan brought down a few weeks ago (which I recovered today), we have seating for about 12 people now. This makes me feel better for when we have visitors with Hosey's arrival.

We also got a new office chair for the living room. Our IKEA chair is on it's third seat in under a year, and this last one my mom had bought for us. Even though the seats are only $6 to buy, it's starting to add up. So Justin found a chair he fell in love with at the same vintage furniture store, and it really is perfect. Very slick. We also got a little bit of a break buying two pieces from the dealer. And compared to Athens vintage prices, these were closer to flea market prices...

We are also starting the very early part of packing the overnight bag for the hospital. I picked out way too many outfits for Hosey, but I wanted to be sure that I got lots of size ranges covered. I washed those outfits, and today we bought some travel sized stuff, like toothpaste, and a couple of toothbrushes, so we don't have to worry about remembering our own when the time comes. Probably around week 37 I'll start putting clothes for me in there, too. And for Justin. I read one book that recommended that your partner bring a swimsuit, in case they want to get in the bath or shower with you during labor. The mental picture was just too much for me. Poor Justin in a bathing suit trying to fit into a shower with a gigantic pregnant me who is also in pain and possibly breathing fire. We decided we'd skip that advice.

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