Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday morning already

Justin and I have had a nice weekend. We stayed busy, going to Lenox on Friday night to look for a new pair of jeans for Justin. That worked out perfectly, as to our surprise, Express (for men) was having a sale where all jeans were $20 off. He found a nice pair and got a great deal. I love it when that happens!

Yesterday, we went to the Indie Craft Experience, which is a great big market that was set up in this really neat studio called the "B Complex" over in Capitol View (yucky neighborhood, neat place). There were over 70 vendors, all selling really really neat things that they make themselves. We bought a few things, like a journal, probably to be used to track Hosey feedings in a few weeks. The man selling the journals was really creative. He takes old hardback books, everything from Cat in the Hat to old books called The Universe. We got one that is some kind of 1960's social science book. He leaves a few pages of the original book scattered throughout the blank journal pages and the whole thing is spiral bound. Very creative. The best part was that he sells them for only $12, which is very reasonable for handmade crafts. A lot of the vendors had beautiful things that we would have loved to bought (especially for Christmas gifts) but out of necessity, they are expensive. We did buy a print for the kitchen from a girl who does these really neat botanical drawings. Ours is sort of a poster about "air plants." It's neat. And it was very reasonable also.

The last thing we did there before leaving was make our own T-shirts. They had a stand set up where you could donate $5 to the Hagar House (a great charity) and get a t-shirt and the opportunity to stencil a design on it. I made one with the Indie Craft Experience logo, which is a bird holding scissors in its feet. Justin did one with a nuclear symbol in three colors of blue.

After that, we headed to Manuel's to watch the football game, or the last half anyways. It was nice to see Georgia win, and we ran into some friends there, too. After that, we went shopping in Little Five Points with my friend Sarah, where I bought a fantastic 70's "Newport News" coat that I think might be maternity. It was very cheap, and it's warm. It is sort of ridiculous looking, kind of like a hippie tent or something, but it has more than enough room for my belly, and I like that!

Last night we went with friends to see the new Coen Brothers movie at Phipps. "No Country for Old Men." It was really good, but definitely tough. Lots of gore. Lots of gore. But it was really just so well made. The acting, writing, directing... amazing. Tommy Lee Jones was really wonderful, and surprisingly, Woody Harrelson was spot on playing a cocky cowboy. We give it a ten out of ten.

We hope everyone had a great weekend!

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nana said...

You ought to use your new journal for Justin to keep track of your contraction times (at least while you're still at home) - that's always fun to look back on because it's actually there in black and white and not just a big blur in your memory!