Monday, December 10, 2007

Back at work

So it's Monday morning, and I'm here at work. I'm still dragging a little, but I have been feeling much better. Yesterday I didn't have to take any medicine at all, and thought that I would be close to 100% today, but now I'm realizing that the extra sleep I get on the weekends helps a lot. And I felt really awful last night, and didn't get much sleep, so this morning I will pop some Sudafed and cross my fingers.

This weekend was nice and relaxing, although we did a little Christmas shopping, which can be scary... :) However, we have tried to do most of our Christmas shopping at independent stores this year, and that is definitely much easier. We ventured to Target on Sunday and finally bought a vacuum cleaner, which is a really big deal. We usually just sweep every weekend, but it's just not enough. And the few rugs that we have were really getting icky. I think with the baby coming, the vacuum is going to be our best friend.

I've noticed some changes in the way I'm feeling as far as the baby. It's really getting tight in there, and Hosey is doing a lot of these kicks and turns and twitches that feel like angst. I think he or she is really tired of being in there. And while I keep telling Hosey it's fine to go ahead and come out, my offer has gone unanswered. I'm taking a lot of baths, which are really nice at this point, since they make my back feel wonderful, and my belly just floats. Hosey seems to like it, too. He or she gets very quiet while I'm in the tub, but when I get out, there's usually a few good kicks to let me know that it would have been fine to stay in there longer. Then I think how weird it is to be in the bath, and have Hosey floating in two layers of fluid. Like a bath within a bath.

My belly button is still halfway popped, but I have found that when I cough, it pops out all the way. It's really a good party trick. I'm pretty proud.

Anyways, no news for now. I am just so anxious and waiting for something to happen. It's tough, and Justin and I realize that we are going to be watching a LOT of movies in the coming days. It helps keep us distracted, which is important at this point. We watched Stranger than Paradise on Saturday night, which is one of my favorite new movies. We like Jim Jarmusch as a director, and it seems like almost all of his movies are lovely. Long, but lovely. Last night we watched Fargo, or re-watched it. We found out for the first time that even though the opening says that the movie is based on actual events, the Coen brothers just made that up. In the documentary that came as a special feature, William H. Macy talked about how they just wanted to put that in there, but it was totally untrue. And a (slightly crazy) woman from Japan came to America to find the money that Steve Buscemi's character buries in the snow, and died. Her death was ruled a suicide I think, but good grief. How bizarre people are...

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