Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Last Day

So here's me. I'll be 39 weeks tomorrow, and Hosey is getting kicked out. Poor Hosey. Justin and I are enjoying what we've officially dubbed "The Last Day," although if I let myself think too much, I get really freaked out.

We've just been taking it easy (I took a bath that lasted the duration of Pee Wee's Big Adventure, one of the advantages of watching movies on the lap top) and Justin has been doing baby laundry. I'm about to fold it, but thought I'd put up a post first.

Justin went to the gym earlier, and I went to Walgreen's for alchohol swaps in case the doctor wants us to use them for the belly button cleaning. Then we had a nice lunch at Highland Bakery, and got some desserts to go. I have a chocolate cupcake, and Justin has a piece of chocolate cake that I'm fairly sure weighs roughly 10 pounds. It's ENORMOUS. He says he'll eat it in 3 sittings. I'm just glad it's not mine, as I'd probably eat in one sitting and then die of sugar intake. Oh, I just heard him say "wow" quietly from the dining room. I think he just started it. Mmmm, I just had a bite. That is serious cake.

Anyways, we plan to have a quiet afternoon, and I've got to finish Hosey's stocking. I made one for me and Justin and Katie, but haven't had a chance to do Hosey's yet.

Calm before the storm...

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Jim said...

Tell Justin that I am bringing some Moravian Sugar Cookies with me to munch on (if you don't know what they are, have Justin tell you about them--he should remember them from when we lived in Winston, where they are made in Old Salem, and they are MMM, MMM, GOOD!). Good luck tomorrow, guys--we love you and are sending you all of our best wishes for a safe and healthy delivery.