Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday Friday

I'm at work today (I took yesterday off to convalesce) and not very happy about it. I just have to wrap up everything on my desk so that I can be free to leave at any time. It's a scary thought, but not nearly as scary as leaving with all this stuff everywhere.

My work Christmas party is tonight, and I really want to go. I picked out a dress with my mom on Monday, and it would be a shame to waste it. I'm not feeling great, but with the Sudafed, it's like I have a crutch. :) I think I will go just for a little while. At least for the free food. It will be one of the last chances Justin and I have to get dressed up for a nice evening for a while. Not that there won't be opportunities to get babysitters to watch the baby while we eat out, but this is different. I really want to go. I'll have to try and talk Justin into it. I'm already sure he'll be against, saying I'm too sick. I think really he just doesn't want to wear a suit. :)

However, I have to confess that I think I might be having contractions every twenty to thirty minutes today. I could be imagining it (as I probably am), but they are much higher than usual. They are pretty minor, too, and less uncomfortable than the Braxton Hicks contractions that I've been getting in my lower belly a lot lately. Those have gotten rough. And the baby kicking can be brutal lately, too. It's so strange how many different sensations you go through during pregnancy. It's hard to know what to think about any of them.

Last night Justin and I went for our refresher hospital tour at Piedmont so that we remember the routine for checking in. In the car on the way over, Hosey was really giving me a run for my money. Things are getting very tight in my belly, and it's harder than it's ever been. It feels like a basketball. I'll take my 37 week photo tonight before the party (if we go) so that everyone can see how silly a 9 month pregnant woman looks in evening wear.

One thing we learned last night that is news to us; kids are not allowed in the labor/delivery room, or in the postpartum room with the baby. We are still trying to figure out if they can be in the waiting room, but the tour guide made it sound like they didn't want toddlers in the hall at all, unless they are siblings. However, one woman on the tour had a 4 year old with her... Anyways, we are going to call today and try to clarify. They also told us that everyone has to wash their hands as soon as they come in to see the baby. I've named Justin the hand-washing guard. I'm doubly nervous about it since it's prime season for colds, as my sinuses seem to be enforcing.

Anyways, we'll keep you updated!

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