Sunday, December 2, 2007

Right before bed

I'm almost as cozy as possible. It's late on Sunday night, and I'll be sleeping soon. I just thought I'd update the blog a little before I pass out. As you can see from the photo from earlier (I've got to learn to make more attractive faces in these photos...) my belly is at an all time high for size. You can use Katie for scale.

Our weekend was really nice. Full, but very nice. We went to Stone Mountain's Christmas Village yesterday (a gift from my Grandparents to our family) and got to stay at the Evergreen resort up there. It was really nice. I love staying in hotels, and this hotel was amazing. Our room had a balcony that overlooked the lake. Justin left last night to watch football in the hotel bar with our brother-in-law Jon and my step dad, and I had this gigantic king sized bed all to myself (and a few cable TV channels!). I made the mistake of settling myself into the middle, which made me realize 15 minutes later when I had to go to the bathroom that I am now similar in size to a manatee. Just not as graceful. I honestly think I spent roughly 7 minutes getting off the bed. It was sort of like being a turtle flipped on its back. At least I'd imagine... I'm really just starting to feel huge these days, and uncomfortable doing much involving bending over or moving too much...

Anyways, I put some photos from Stone Mountain on Flickr. The highlights included the train ride, and the parade, during which my nieces got to see Santa. Of course, seeing my family was great, too. We had a nice breakfast this morning (hard to believe that when we are all together, there are 15 of us; soon to be 16). Four toddlers, one tween, ten adults and one fetus. We could have put that breakfast buffet out of business if we'd tried a little harder.

Once home, I didn't do much today. I soaked in the tub, which Hosey does not seem to like, as every time I do, I suffer lots of well placed kicks. Then trying to get out of the tub always makes me feel graceful and lithe...sort of like a whale. Out of water. After I got out of the tub, I gave Katie a bath. She always acts like I'm beating her when I give her baths, but Justin and I agreed that she was starting to carry an odd swamp water odor. Now she smells like my oatmeal and shea butter bubble bath and some melon Dove shampoo to boot. I had a hard time bathing her in my current state, and every time I shifted to alleviate some point of pain, she took it as a sign that she should either shake off or try to jump out. Justin helped me dry her off at the end though, and that was a big help.

We went to Old Navy this evening, and I got socks for labor. They are beautiful and cozy, and made of chenille. I also got matching fleece pajama pants: light blue with snowflakes. Justin says they are ugly, but I don't mind. Wearing them is what I would imagine wearing a cloud would be like. I wish they were business casual...

We went to Manuel's Tavern for dinner to hear the big football announcements. We are talking about possibly getting cable just to last us through the bowl games and then NCAA basketball. We both realize that heading to the local tavern every time some important sport thing pops up is going to be decidedly more difficult with Hosey here in the flesh, and only a couple of weeks old. However, then we'd also have to find a TV, and that just really complicates things. Finding a TV would mean finding a spot for a TV. However, we tried watching a movie on the computer on Friday night, and Justin really was having a hard time. I fell asleep almost immediately, mainly because we were watching Last Days, the Gus Vansant movie about Kurt Cobain and it is about as post-modern (ie, little talking, lots of overly long still shots of a person walking, little narrative plot, and no actual resolution aside from death) as it gets. It sure did look pretty from what I saw. I watched my favorite, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead over the course of the weekend. I need to buy it. I just rent it every so often and remember that I pretty much am smitten with Tim Roth. It's just such a wonderful wonderful movie. If you like that sort of thing.

Ah well, I've managed to ramble out a ridiculously long and most likely tedious entry, and I'm sleepy from the milk and cookies Justin made. We promise to keep you all posted on progress of Hosey's debut, and we hope you are all doing well. Please remember that while you are keeping up with us through the blog, we don't know how you are unless you tell us! And we want to know. :)

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