Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Wow, Hosey's hanging tough

I just wanted to put a post up so that no one thinks I'm at the hospital. I've noticed that if I don't talk to people every day, they think I'm having the baby.

The pressure at work is escalating, what with the office pool. People keep coming in my office to tell me that they have their money on a certain day, and would I mind trying to help them out? It's funny the first few times, but now I'm just sort of annoyed. I would love for Hosey to go ahead and come on out, too, but not so that a co-worker can earn $60 or whatever the pot is up to. Not that I blame them. I'd probably be doing the same thing...

This weird weather makes me wish Hosey would be born this week, just so we wouldn't have to be so careful with all the bundling up when we leave the hospital. It's truly perfect birthing weather right now. Although the heat is making my swelling pretty ridiculous. I left work early today to go to our baby shower at Justin's work, and the walk from the parking lot to Justin's office made my hands and feet swell up for most of the baby shower. It's really attractive. My fingers and feet get this weird red and white salami coloring. My belly is very very tight and hard.

Oh, tomorrow, Justin is going with me to my appointment, which is at 2:45. I have this weird feeling that the doctor won't really remember what she said last time and just not even reference the whole induction thing, but we'll see. I promise that I'll put a posting up on here as soon as we get home from the appointment, and if it's really big news, we'll call people, too. If she says she wants to wait it out, I'm going to lunch at this Italian restaurant with my mom on Thursday. It's on Cobb Parkway, and supposedly, their Eggplant Parmesan is guaranteed to start labor within 24 hours... We'll see!

I've asked Justin to take my picture tonight for 37 weeks, even though I'm 38 weeks tomorrow, so I'll post that later tonight. If only pictures could show you all my graceful waddle. It's a pretty good waddle, if I do say so myself.

Alright, I've got to go through these gifts and get started on thank you notes. I'm overwhelmed by how nice and generous Justin's co-workers are! We got some really lovely things (and practical ones).

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J said...

Now you can imagine what hell it was for me in July when the weather was in the 90s! My doctor on one visit asked me if we were getting the baby circumsised, which was fantastic since we knew she was a girl. Shows you how much some doctors read your chart!