Monday, December 17, 2007

Monday Monday

Today Justin and I decided that we would just go ahead and stay home until Wednesday. I'm glad we did. It will be nice to rest and spend time together before the big day. Of course, Hosey could show up at any time, but it seems like Hosey is really hanging in there. I've definitely had close calls all weekend, and woken up with contractions and cramps quite a few times, but they never go anywhere, even when they feel very strong. So now I'm just trying to appreciate that we'll actually know when Hosey comes. There is something nice in that.

I'm also glad to stay home, as my swelling is still getting worse. I'm having trouble even getting my muppet boots on anymore, and it's too cold for flip flops now. My mom and little sister picked me out some cute bedroom slippers, and I have visions of wearing those around for the next two days... Speaking of which, my mom also found us a very cute mobile for Hosey's crib. It is little stuffed animals, and I really like it. My sister brought us her glider yesterday, so we have that in our bedroom now. I'm very relieved to have it, so there is a comfy place to hold the baby upstairs and not just downstairs. It really is comfortable.

Well, that's all for now. We're off to find a cheap vaporizer/humidifier. We've both been bothered by the heat in our house, although I think it's worse for me. I keep waking up with bloody noses. I think that a vaporizer will be good for the baby, too. It's really really dry in here now. After that, I think we'll be watching movies and doing laundry. Two days is not very long...

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