Saturday, December 29, 2007

Nothing Much New...

Just more of the same from us. Roxanne is still doing really well, and eating a lot. She's still very very cute, too. I think she might be getting cuter every day. And I'm turning into a cheesy mom. Sorry.

We still haven't been able to have our walk, as accomplishing anything is a little tough these days. But we're going to try today. It's pretty warm out, so I think it would be good. We also need to fit in a sponge bath for Roxanne. She's only had one so far, and it was only vaguely traumatizing, so let's hope this one isn't too bad either. We're more scared of it than she is.

Daddy's making a hair appointment right now. He's actually going to get a real haircut. I'm pretty sure that hasn't happened since our wedding. It's going to be very exciting. He's going to be a cool Daddy-O.

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