Monday, August 20, 2007

Catch Up

So, to fill you all in, Justin and I went to the hospital tour, and it was really nice. It was slightly embarassing, as all the other moms-to-be were very pregnant, and basically preparing to have their babies within the month. I just wanted to go and make sure that the rooms didn't look like prison cells, etc. so that if I wanted to change hospitals, I could do it before it was too late...

The rooms are definitely not as fancy as some of the other hospitals, especially Northside, but the staff seems very friendly, and the labor and delivery rooms are very relaxing and have some nice amenities (showers and yoga balls). You do have to get moved into a post-partem room about an hour after the baby is born, and those rooms are apparently much smaller than the labor and delivery room, but that's fine. We won't be there too long. The important thing to me is how much I like my doctor, and Justin really likes her, too. The other doctor I saw in the practice is also really great, although there are two more I have yet to meet. Hopefully it will be either my main doctor (Dr. Johnston) or the other doctor I've seen (Dr. Kleiss).

In other news, Justin and I had a nice weekend, although we didn't do very much of anything. Justin was feeling a little under the weather on Saturday, but we stayed in and made collages and I worked on a sewing project. I am taking vintage fabrics that I bought at the thrift store and sewing them onto a onesie using a blanket stitch. I don't have a sewing machine, so it takes a while, but the outfit I'm working on looks cute. It's a cat, and the cat is done in white and orange and yellow stripes, with a blue, green, gold and white floral pattern as his jacket. I used a drawing from a Golden Book story about a hen to make the outline of the cat.

I also have been doing research about day cares. I have a couple of leads, and a co-worker has promised to give me the information for the woman who keeps her baby in an in-home day care situation in Ansley Park (pretty close to us). She is from Uraguay and apparently speaks Spanish to the babies. And she only keeps them until they are 12 months, and apparently only 3 at a time. So I'm going to call her as soon as I actually get her number.

I also took the giant leap of asking some of the higher ups here at work about the possibility of working from home. Very scary, and I'm not terribly hopeful, but it feels good to have gotten it out there.

We are also still trying to figure out our apartment situation. We really want to move to a two-bedroom more and more, but we really just couldn't do a day care and a rent increase. It's too much. It's strange how everything is interconnected, and we can't seem to get anything pinned down, which makes everything else up in the air... but I know that it will all work out.

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