Friday, August 3, 2007

Strange Realization

Yesterday on my way home from work, I started thinking about Hosey maybe being a boy. I've been secretly hoping for a girl this whole time, but it suddenly popped into my head that I might rather have a boy. I think it's because I was thinking about dressing a girl, and dressing a teenage girl. I pictured us taking trips to the thrift store together and finding fun things that we take home and do DIY alterations to. I thought about uncomplicated mother/daughter time. Then I thought about reality. I thought about resentment, incredible heights of self-absorption, and bitterness.

So then my thoughts turned to a boy, and how at least the make up factor is removed. And some of the hair stuff, too. I pictured playing the park with Katie, and Justin playing touch football in between drum lessons (by the way, we are totally getting one of those mini drumsets if Hosey is a boy or girl. And we will start him or her around age 2. It's good for getting out anxiety.). I got home and talked to Justin about it, and he agreed that a boy would be just as fun as a girl.

I know that most kids seem to do as much as they can to throw a wrench in whatever their parents want for them, but I hope that we can at least raise a child that doesn't hate us too much. That would be nice. Part of that ties into making the decision about how many kids to have, but for now, I don't want more than Hosey. Maybe when Hosey's a toddler and/or potty-trained, I'll have forgotten about being pregnant, and we'll be in a larger living space, and having a second child will seem like fun. In the meantime, I think being the three musketeers (or stooges) will be really fun. Of course, Katie will be there to let Hosey pull her ears and tail, and that's basically what a sibling is good for. No offense Kendree, but for the first few months, it's true.


Dawn said...

I think most or all teenagers hate their parents or at least think they hate them at some time or another. I think it is just part of life and growing up and away from your parents. It does hurt at times, but kids some back around when they get past all of that teenage stuff. Just enjoy the baby and toddler stages first and try not to worry about the later years. It goes by so fast and even though it can be utterly exhausting and exasperating, but it will probably be one of the best times in your lives. I wish I could freeze Mary Ansley right now because I love the age she is. Happy parenting!

J said...

you could also end up having a boy who loved thrift shopping, you know....

i also worry about the teenage years. i am looking forward to just when she is 3 months old at this point and we can interact more. my mother reminded me that if i think having a 3 week old is tough, just WAIT until they start crawling!!