Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Sloth...Yikes

So this is the giant sloth at Fernbank. He's huge. And he has only one toe per foot.

The scary sloth is now representing my foirays into the world of day care. I just called the All-Saints Church across the street from my building at work. It's apparently a really nice day care program, and lots of people from my work use it, since it's part of the "Bright Horizons" program, which works with businesses like Paul Hastings to put kids in day care.

The woman I talked to was very very nice, and gave me some good information, like the fact that they accept infants at 6 weeks, although I hope to take 12 weeks for maternity leave (don't tell my boss please). Justin will probably get about 2 weeks off under the Family Medical Leave Act. Anyways, I think we might go tour it, but we're going to have to really think about it. It's nice, since it's literally across the street from my work, meaning I could pop over at lunchtime every once in a while if I needed to, or get Hosey home if sickness strikes. Here's the downside. It costs $1115 a month.

$1115 a month.

That's pretty significant. Definitely significant. Maybe impossible. However, it looks like the least expensive day care in our area runs around $850 or $900 a month, and one doesn't take infants until they are 6 months old. Well, I'm sure we'll figure something out...

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