Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Is this baby kicking me?

So for the last few days, I've been feeling these small but definite thumps on the side of my belly. It sort of feels like someone flicking me from the inside, but also a little bit like popping. I think that it's probably the baby kicking. Up until now, I've been feeling more of a fluttering in my belly that I attributed to Hosey doing somersaults, but now I'm definitely starting to feel something more like kicks.

I have been trying to do some research to back up this theory, because I wasn't sure of timing, but like most things with being pregnant, different resources offer different advice. The general consensus is that you start to feel movement between 16 and 22 weeks, and it takes longer to notice if it's your first pregnancy. Tomorrow marks 21 weeks, so I feel safe in saying that I can definitely feel movement. I also read that somewhere between 2 and 4 weeks after you feel the baby move, others can, too. So that's pretty exciting! Maybe in a month or so Justin can feel the kicks, too.

I can't believe I'm already this far along. It seems like I just found out a few weeks ago. I know that the baby will be here before we know it, and we'll finally know if Hosey is a boy or girl!

I've been doing some online shopping for Hosey, but only a little bit. I bought a couple of preemie sized onesies on Ebay in this line that Gymboree used to carry called Woodland Friends or something like that. I just like it because the outfits have owls on them. I now have 3 or 4 preemie sized outfits, which should fit up to 10 pounds and work for the first couple of weeks of Hosey's life. They are so tiny, it's unbelievable. My sister, Kendree, is the one who told me about the preemie sizes being great for when they are first born, and even the 0-3 months size is huge. If you think about it, the difference between a newborn and a 3 month old is pretty huge. So it makes sense that there should be one more size to start with. We'll see though. Maybe Hosey will be a bruiser and not fit the preemie. It's still cute! I'm hunting down the hat from this set, as it's a little wooly owl hat that fastens under the chin. Justin will probably hate it, but once it's on... He'll be defenseless. :)


J said...

i felt kicks at 19 weeks 5 days! It feels like you have tummy gas (but then nothing happens if you know what i mean). after i realized what it was, i knew i had been feeling it for a week at least. people always complain of the kicks hurting, but she never kicked hard enough for that. but she did practically push her foot out at one point (we could even see the toes). haha i really miss the kicks. i think it's the best part of being pregnant. Yay for Hosey.

J said...

p.s. just don't let justin rub your belly in public. yuck!

Dawn said...

Sounds like what you are feeling is hosey moving around in there! Later on in the pregnancy babies get hiccups a lot. That is a weird feeling! She/he is getting bigger and stronger. If Hosey is on the smaller side like Justin was 6 lbs 10 oz the preemie size will definitely fit for a couple of weeks, but if the baby is 8 or more lbs it could be a tight fit! How much did you weigh at birth? If Hosey is a boy I have a preemie outfit that Justin was baptized in that he can have. It is white with blue embroidery.