Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekend Update

This weekend was very busy for us. It was lovely, but busy. We went to dinner and a movie with my friend Sarah on Friday night. We ate at the Flying Biscuit near Piedmont Park, and it was wonderful. I also found out that I need to be more vocal when I crave red meat, as Justin has been thinking this whole time that I only crave fruit and that we're going to have a girl as a result. So I promised that I would tell him every time I want a steak or hamburger, although I never actually order it.

The movie we saw was called "The Ten," and although very very weird, it was very very funny. It's the same crew behind some of our favorite TV shows, like The State (off the air for long time now) and Stella (also off the air) and Reno 911.

Saturday we spent apartment hunting, although we also spent lots of time with our friends Jesse and Jacquelyn and their baby Evie. We went out for ice cream, and it was very nice. Then Justin and I went to look at a loft for rent, which we spent the rest of the weekend trying to decide if we could afford. Then we went back to Jesse and Jacquelyn's house for Indian food and the Goonies. Justin didn't like it. I don't understand how anyone can not like the Goonies. Leave it to Justin...

Sunday, we spent more time waffling over the loft, then went to lunch in Little Five Points with Ariel and Luke. We got caught in the rain after lunch, and I went to Michael's with my other friend Sarah wearing a soaking wet dress. But I got some fantastic embroidery thread for my onesies project. When I got home, Justin had been cleaning the apartment, and so we spent most of Sunday evening organizing and trying to figure out where we could fit a crib and also try and keep a dresser for Hosey's clothes. We had the tape measure out, and tried a billion different furniture combinations.

We finally decided that the stress of living in a small space with upstairs neighbors who may or may not be loud is much better than the stress of living in a space where you aren't sure how exactly the finances will work out. For now, we are planning on staying in our apartment. But if something a little bigger and not too much more expensive opens up between now and the end of October when our lease is up, we'll follow up on it. I think maybe making a decision is better than anything else. The stress of not knowing where we will end up is frustrating, but I hate being in a position where I'm not convinced that our finances will cover all of our needs. We don't really know how much a baby costs yet. We have estimates, but I'm sure they could all be wrong. It's nice to have an apartment where our rent expense just isn't much of a concern. And our utilities are almost nothing. We just need about 20 more square feet. :)

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DJ SPLEEN said...

Twas funnest to hangeth outeth witheth youeth guys. Ye verily we shall must do it agains.