Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Toy Mania

With all of the news yelling and screaming about Chinese toy recalls, I found this article on the Atlanta Journal Website really interesting. It just goes to show that even "organic" toys are not always "organic" either. Although they certainly charge for them like they are... :)

This type of thing makes you want to just knit your own stuffed animals and buy everything else from IKEA. Although, you never know, maybe IKEA makes all their toys in China, too...


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J said...

I love how the Aimes woman blames parents for the whole situation. Like the demand for more economical toys makes it so that Mattel shouldn't really be held accountable. They shouldn't "have to" examine the manufacturers of their toys in China. I am pretty sure that Ikea uses China too. Everything is made in China at this point.