Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hosey's Musical Tastes

I keep meaning to post a blog about this, and then forgetting. Justin and I are very proud to announce that Hosey has very definite, and very good taste in music. The other night, I was sitting in the living room and sewing, and Justin had his iTunes playing. I don't remember what it was playing, just some random bands. It had played through two or three albums worth of music, when a band called Sigur Ros came on. Sigur Ros is an Icelandic band that plays beautiful mellow orchestral type music, although they are very popular with people in our age group. They have a made up language that they sing in, and the songs are all untitled. Pretentious, but lovely music. As soon as the first song got halfway through, Hosey started kicking up a storm. I hadn't moved or done anything exciting, I was just still sitting there sewing, but you would think I had just done jumping jacks and then laid down (I just read that babies move the most when you go from periods of lots of motion to rest, and they want to keep the motion going). Hosey kept pretty regular movement through the whole Sigur Ros album, which is about an hour long. I could actually see the kicks coming through my belly. After Sigur Ros, something else came on, and Hosey quieted down.
The next day at work, I was listening to John Coltrane's "Sun Ship," which is definitely some of the best jazz ever. Hosey started kicking again. I think next I listened to an old Black Sabbath CD, and Hosey was not interested at all.

So I'm not claiming that Hosey only kicks when certain music is playing, but there are definite patterns, and it definitely seems like something is happening down there! It's exciting, and makes us realize that Hosey is really a little person in there. Hopefully one with good taste.

I also had a dream the other night that Hosey was born, and was a girl. She had bright green eyes, and they were really big and pretty. She was very giggly and happy. She was also about six months old, but a dream is a dream. I do think that dreams are bad predictors of gender, since I seem to have a dream about Hosey being a boy or a girl on a regular basis. Not much continuity there. But maybe Hosey's eyes will be green! That would be great.

Oh, and I just wanted you all to see what Katie thinks about all of this.


Jim said...

That's a really good story--thanks for posting. I think studies show that babies in utero respond to music. I'm sure Hosey will have good taste in music.

Katie is so cute!!!

J said...

or maybe she hated it since fetuses sleep when they are relaxed. maybe the music disgusted her and she was kicking you, begging you to turn it off. she wants backstreet boys!!!