Wednesday, August 1, 2007

19 Weeks

Today is the 19 weeks mark, and I'm definitely realizing how my belly is catching up. It's a little sore sometimes (round ligament pains) but it's nothing too terrible, and they don't last long.

I think what is occupying my mind most lately (and making it hard to concentrate at work) are long term planning type things that I can't really take care of any time soon. Justin and I are trying to figure out if we should try and keep our expenses as low as possible and stay in our apartment, or move at the end of October when our lease is up to a more expensive 2 bedroom apartment. It's a really difficult decision, and there are a laundry list of pros and cons to either option.

We also e-mailed someone about a condo in our neighborhood that is for sale. Not because we are in any way interested in buying, or could be interested in buying, but it is just such a wonderful complex, and the condos are perfect. Two bedrooms and one bathroom, and they sit right on the park. And they are under $165,000, which is amazing for this neighborhood where houses sell for between $300,000 and $800,000. In any case, the woman called Justin and asked if he wanted to come see the condo (he had asked for more photos of the inside) and now we are toying with the idea of actually doing it. We probably won't because it could be an awkward situation, but it could also be fun. I think we'd feel like real adults.

The other thing that is weighing on my mind a lot is day care. We've pretty much decided that I'm going to have to go back to work after maternity leave, since it's our only option financially, so now we've got to hurry up and get on a waiting list for a day care in Atlanta. Hopefully a really nice one that is close to our apartment. The perfect one is Inman Park Pre-School Cooperative, but they don't accept kids until they are 2 years old. So that clearly won't work. I'm looking at other options, specifically in our neighborhood and the Virginia Highlands and Druid Hills, since I'd rather spend half my pay check on day care than put Hosey in a place we don't trust. It's a little bit difficult looking into it though, since both of us would rather not put Hosey in day care. I don't feel very motivated to call around, and half of the places require hefty application fees and some require a good faith deposit. Yikes.

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Dawn said...

The condo idea sounds great. I hope you can find a way to make it work. Day care is always a hard decision to make. It is so expensive too! Good luck with it and let us know if we can help in any way. I don't like the idea of "Hosey" being in day care either! How long is your maternity leave? Maternity leave in this country is horrible. I have read that in some other countries new dads also get paternity leave and it is much longer than here in the U.S.