Thursday, August 16, 2007

If only I were a movie star

I was looking at the website for Piedmont Hospital, where we are having the baby, checking to see when the hospital tours are. I was checking some of the links, when I discovered this:

For those of you who do not follow links because you aren't naturally curious and figure it's not worth your time, this is for a super nice facility called the Waters Pavilion. It's basically a five star hotel that is part of Piedmont Hospital. Among the offerings:
* A dedicated private chef and wait staff with expanded room service menu
* Fine linens
* Private bathrooms in the patient room and family room (these are two room suites, all of them)
* Sleeper sofa
* Afternoon tea every day

And lots of other things to make you jealous of really rich people. However, I don't think Justin and I qualify for admission, judging by this:

Patients who require an added level of security, such as public officials or celebrities should consider staying in the Waters Pavilion if medically appropriate.

I just think it's crazy how rich people live... Crazy like I'm a little jealous. While I'm sucking down jello in my recovery room, someone will be enjoying Steak Tar Tar and watching satellite TV in the Waters Pavilion. Such is life.

Anyways, Justin and I are planning to tour the maternity ward tonight, and get some information about everything. Wish us luck!

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