Monday, August 6, 2007

This heat is not very nice

I am very glad that I am not too pregnant during this month... The heat is really out of control. Justin and I went to my sister and brother-in-law's house on Saturday, and for most of the ride there, the thermometer in the car read 103. That's just uncomfortable.
I get paranoid about the heat, since all of the baby books warn extensively about the dangers of getting overheated while you are pregnant, and it compared the womb to a hot tub. Basically, you aren't supposed to raise your core body temperature too high. Thinking about this also makes me think about driving on the highway, and how breathing in exhaust fumes is not only my problem these days. Not that I worry about things like that too much, since I know these problems have existed well before my pregnancy, and we all came out alright. But it is a strange new brand of guilt and worry. Although it's also nice. It's nice knowing you can always refer to yourself as we for the next few months.
I'm including two pictures; one is me from Saturday, so you can see what the belly progress is, and the other is Justin with a mustache. He only had it for about ten minutes, but those were a glorious ten minutes.

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